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Privacy Policy

Développements Canoë is committed to respecting current obligations regarding the protection of personal information as well as the practices governing the governance of this information.

We attach great importance to the protection of your personal information and are committed to complying with all applicable laws, including Law 25 on the Protection of Personal Data. This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, disclose and protect your personal information.

You have the right to access and correct the personal information we hold and to withdraw your consent to its use at any time.


The privacy policy applies to our existing customers as well as our future customers with an interest in Développements Canoë project as well as visitors to our website;


Your personal information may be collected when you contact us for information on the project, to apply for a position, when you want to offer services or for a partnership. It is therefore possible to collect your last name, first name, telephone number, your address, your email address, your language of communication, your tenant profile. This information allows us to serve you better and respond to your requests more precisely.

Generally, we collect your personal information via:

  • Subscription to Newsletter

  • Request for information via websites

  • Satisfaction survey

  • Interest in a rental unit

  • During your visit to one of our rental offices

  • Submission of application for job offer

  • Visit to the website – cookies


We may collect different categories of personal information, including:

  • Identifying information (e.g. name, address, email address, phone number, SIN)

  • Connection information (e.g. IP address, browsing data)

  • Demographic information (e.g.: age, gender, place of residence)


This information is generally provided to us by you voluntarily. However, we may collect personal information through a third party, to the extent permitted by law.


Your personal information is used or disclosed only to enable us to achieve our objectives regarding your experience as a service user, tenant, employee, or others. Your information may also be shared with our affiliates when necessary to achieve the purposes herein. We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Provide the services you request

  • Credit investigation

  • Reference request

  • Personalize and improve your experience according to your needs

  • Respond to your requests and questions

  • Send you marketing communications with your consent

  • Establish and maintain business relationships with you and provide you with ongoing service

  • Recommend products and services that meet your needs

  • Manage and develop commercial activities

  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements

To the extent that the communication of personal information is necessary for the exercise of a mandate or the execution of a service or business contract that we have concluded, certain third-party service providers may receive your personal information in order to to help us achieve our goals: ​

  • IT service provider

  • Property management company

  • Legal services

  • Human ressources

  • Analysis and marketing service


If necessary, we will ask for your consent before using your personal information for any new purposes beyond those listed above. 


You have the right to refuse to receive future communications at any time by unsubscribing from our newsletters via a hyperlink on the newsletter or by sending an email to


We use data protection measures to secure your personal information both on our website and internally. Employees who have access to personal information have an obligation to maintain its confidentiality. Your information is and will be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy or applicable laws.

Your data is stored in a secure and controlled environment. Our website as well as the sites of our various companies use secure encryption protocols to ensure the security of communications on the internet. 

We have security measures in place to protect your information from unauthorized access. However, it is important to take into consideration that any information transmitted over the internet can be intercepted by a third party. In this sense, we cannot assume responsibility in the event of theft and/or misuse of personal information shared on the internet.  


The duration of use of personal data depends on our objectives and their duration. When personal information is no longer necessary or relevant for the established purposes, your personal information is destroyed, deleted or anonymized. 


Even with the best security measures, incidents can happen. In the event of a leak of your personal data, we undertake to keep you and the Commission d’access à l’information du Québec informed.


Our website may contain links to other websites that collect personal information. Our privacy policy is exclusive to our website. As such, we cannot assume responsibility for third party links or the content of these sites.


Cookies are text files placed in your browser by a website you visit to provide you with a better experience the next time you visit. This cookie allows us to monitor your habits and interests, remember them and offer you an experience accordingly. You can manage your cookies as well as your browsing history. 

Necessary cookies: These Cookies are necessary for the basic functioning of our website, such as accessing the website. These cookies allow users to navigate our website and cannot be deactivated. 

Functionality cookies: These Cookies enable certain specific functions of the website, such as recording geographic location or knowing what you have already viewed on the website.

Performance and audience measurement cookies: These cookies allow us to learn more about the behavior of Internet users on our website such as items and pages clicked, the most visited pages. 

Targeting cookies: These are third-party cookies that belong to companies other than the site consulted such as advertising. 

This data is used to identify an individual to help us improve the customer experience when using our website and to better understand our customers in order to meet their needs. 

Google Analytics allows us to learn more about where our customers come from, their interests, the time spent on each of our pages, their location, and the type of browser used. 
To better understand how you can manage your cookies you can consult this page.


If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or would like to access or update your personal information, please contact us by email at the following address 

 If applicable, all complaints will be investigated as soon as possible depending on the circumstances.


This policy was adopted by Développements Canoë and was last updated on November 27, 2023.

We reserve the right to modify this policy according to changes in current laws as well as our changing objectives. Any modification and/or change takes into consideration the Consumer Privacy Protection Act.  We will make every effort to keep you informed. 

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