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The team

Our team stands out for its clear commitment, its sensitivity to local issues, and its desire to succeed in a project integrated into the community. Canoë results from our quest for innovative solutions to meet current environmental challenges, meet the needs of a modern society through a diversity of housing, and offer local services adapted to contemporary mobility. Canoë embodies our vision: innovation serving a dynamic and inclusive community.

Logos partenaires - Canoë - Aedifica

At AEdifica, architecture is not just a profession, it is a passion. AEdifica believes in the delicate balance between bold creativity and technical precision. Each project is approached with a client-centric philosophy, ensuring that your vision becomes the cornerstone of our design.

Partner logos - Canoe - Rachel Julien

At Rachel Julien, the vision that drives us and unites our efforts is concentrated in a very simple idea: our constructions are above all intended for the humans who inhabit them. This is why, beyond the numbers and the concrete, our work consists of offering these individuals, these couples, these families, the comfort and quality of life to which they aspire.

Logos partenaires - Canoë - Adhoc

ADHOC incorporates the latest architectural trends and sustainable best practices into every design. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in every detail, creating spaces that stand the test of time.

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