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Excavation - Summer / Fall 2023

To begin the excavation phase, micro-blasting operations will begin the week of September 11th and will extend until mid-November.

Photo : Ernesto Lanza - Drone Ciel

The main objective of these micro-blasting operations is to prepare the ground for the installation of the building's foundations. We prioritize the tranquility and safety of residents, which is why we utilize micro-blasting to minimize noise disturbances and the duration of the work. Vibration measurement instruments have been implemented to closely monitor the impact of these operations.


Twelve short whistle blasts will signal the beginning of operations, followed by the blasting itself. You may experience light vibrations for a few seconds, but rest assured that they will remain well below the risk threshold for neighboring buildings.

Blasting work will take place during daytime, from monday to friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, and the number of blasts per day may vary depending on the progress of the work.


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